Discovering a "Blue Ocean" for an ERP

Discovering a "Blue Ocean" for an ERP

Web App for | Production Release with Customers (B2B)

Bringing the best user experience to guests is a daily routine & challenge for managers and staff of the food and beverage business.
To offer an effective and enjoyable online management service (ERP) to them became our task.

The client, based on insights he discovered from the feedback of his customer base, came to us to validate hypothesis and then let us develop solutions.

The project started by taking a series of workshops with the client on board. Using exercises from Design Sprint 1.0 + principles of Job-to-Be-Done we discovered, prioritized, ideated, and decided for the solutions that were moved into prototyping and user testing.

As a challenge appeared to keep user flows for complex tasks as simple, smart as possible due to a wide variety of potential users and a variety of devices that would run the system.

Example of the interview summary

Results of the workshops helped to define, validate wanted features and also brought more light into pricing strategy.

Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter

The main parts of the ERP became: Management of offer, delivery, bookings, events, and business' opening hours, then Analytics, Ad Campaigns Builder + Manager, and Website Builder from templates.

Dashboard with data (left) and with no data + empty states (right)

Part of the competitive advantage became elements of gamification & education that helped to guide users step-by-step/level-by-level improving their businesses.

Elements of gamification,
levels, exp. points, badges

Jakub is a unique Product-oriented UX/UI Designer with a combination of creative & pro-business approach backed up by a variety of experience, and humble and "you can learn everything" attitude.

Viktor Donner


For the delivery phase, I also needed to cover most of the business-critical scenarios, especially to identify and get the app ready for edge-cases.

Email templates covering various types of notifications


👉Using the toolbox of design sprint We were able to successfully define, prioritize, prototype a list of features that we tested with potential customers.

👉The important part was to discover the Willingness To Pay (WTP) + the creation o unique elements (gamification, guiding how to improve business, etc.) bringing the ERP closer to its "blue ocean".

Let’s design a cutting edge product to solve a next world problem.️ ✌️