Enhancing UX, building UI of Sponsor.Online

Enhancing UX, building UI of Sponsor

Web App | Production Release with Customers (B2B)

The client, an international football sponsorship platform that brings transaprency into marketplace, deal-making process, and monitoring ROI of deals.


The stakeholders came to us with a plan to get a new round of investment within 5 months for their - that time - demo product.
After a couple of interviews with them, we discovered the best strategy is to validate the product on the market ASAP with "real" customers.

I became a part of a team with the responsibility to re-evaluate what is the most crucial for the customers and the business model to solve and develop it.

As a first step, I performed a Product and UX/UI Audit of the entire previous app. That helped us to get a bigger picture of the status and better understood what problems are important to solve.

Based on the findings we prepared flow maps, sketches & prototypes of more efficient, user-friendly flows and UI.

Examples of UX/UI audit

Flow chart examples


Sponsor.Online sketch
Sponsor.Online sketch
Sponsor.Online sketch


The disassembling of the app into components (using Atomic Design principles) - from buttons, inputs, dropdowns, etc. to widgets, navbars, charts, tables to layouts helped us also to build simple Desing System. That single source of truth was used by me to build realistic prototypes fast directly in a web browser.

Design System examples

Jakub's skills reach far beyond what a traditional UX/UI designer can do. He built and maintained UI components using HTML, Tailwind CSS and Vue.js for Sponsor.Online's digital marketplace MVP. That was also essential in securing the first round of funding for the customer.

Rudolf Halas

CTO at Sponsor.Online




Progressive Loading, Loading States, Transitions bringing fluid user experience

Example of code for a button

Vue.js, Tailwind CSS





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